Welcome to questproquo.com, my blog about video games, game design, and my quest to become a game designer.

A bit about me:

I separated from the military back at the beginning of 2010.   I spent the better part of my career studying events, behaviors, and organizations as an analyst for the government.  I’ve been playing video games on various platforms for much longer than that.  I wanted to combine my experience studying people with my, perhaps unhealthy, appreciation for the dynamics of creating virtual worlds.  In 2014, I managed to snag a job as a marketing data analyst with KingsIsle Entertainment.  On a day to day basis, my job is to study and report on player behavior and it’s pretty awesome.

Who is this blog for?

Anyone who cares about video games, how they are designed, or who can empathize/sympathize with wanting to be in game development.

Unless expressed otherwise, all original content on this site is © 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 by Andrew Strite and should in no way be considered official statements by or from KingsIsle Entertainment.

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